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Louder than bombs are the stories of women, fighting their own wars.

In nearly 100 days of total war, Ukraine's women have captured the attention of the world with their resistance and resilience. Almost 6 million have fled along with their children, harnessing superhuman strength to carry their children alone into unknown futures. Millions more have stayed

In their stories and their own words, the women I met were united. They are all fighting for the future of Ukraine. They are all fighting their own war. And they are fierce. (There’s a joke circulating Ukrainian social media that says "Putin was surprised by the strength of our men, just wait until he meets our women!")


Through intimate glimpses into a collection of these women's inner and outer worlds, this multimedia essay is a visual exploration of the tenacity and tenderness of Ukrainian women today as their country is consumed by armed conflict. Created in March 2022, it spans Medyka, Poland and Lviv, Ukraine, documenting the women who have left as well as those who have stayed behind amidst the many quiet, daily moments of their personal wars.


March 2022 -  Ongoing  |  Featured in Blind Magazine

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